We are the East Bay's oldest and best-known summer camp providing positive life-changing outdoor experiences for children and teens since 1914.  We teach kids how to make friends and provide positive staff role models to help them be successful at camp and connect with others while focusing on the YMCA's four core values: Caring. Honesty. Respect. Responsibility.


Why three prices for the same experience?

Our tier pricing and camperships are designed to help ensure access for all.  They are completely confidential and in no way affect the quality of the experience your child receives.  You choose the fee that works best for your family - no verification required. 

**Please note that the LIT program is priced differently.  See below for more information.  

Tier 1 - Full cost of operating camp. If you can afford to pay this rate, please do so
             YMCA Member $657 | Community Member $730

Tier 2 - Slightly subsidized rate for those who need a little help with the camp fee
             YMCA Member $612 | Community Member $680

Tier 3 - A more heavily subsidized rate for families who need more substantial help
             YMCA Member $567 | Community Member $630

New this year: Mini Camp!

First, this session is for campers looking for a shorter week of camp or just looking to get a few extra days of camp in before school starts back up. Campers will participate in a variety of activities geared towards their age group in a safe and fun cabin environment. This mini week will allow them to experience the magic on the mountain and better prepare for a week long session in their camp future. 

Second, moms and dads (or grandmas/grandpas, uncles/aunts, etc) get to join in on the fun too!  1 parent/guardian is required to register per family. Any adult can bring daughters, sons, or both. We think this option will provide a significant camping experience that parents and children will remember for the rest of their lives. Join us for the ultimate camp experience for you and your child

Cubs: Entering Grades 2-5

For our youngest summer camp group, our top priority is creating a safe, comfortable, and fun camping experience for each and every kid.  

Cabin groups work together on friendship, discovery, and new outdoor activities.  

Bobcats: Entering Grades 6-8

Our most energetic campers enjoy a true outdoor adventure with a focus on building skills and self-confidence.

The Bobcat village is designed to give our summer campers more independence and decision-making opportunities while being guided by our trained staff.

Mountain Lions: Entering Grades 9-11

The Mountain Lion Village is an exciting opportunity for teens to experience the best of what Camp Loma Mar has to offer via a customized program structure designed (in part) by the campers themselves! At the beginning of the week, guided by their counselors, they will develop the schedule for the week based on their interests. By giving the campers input as to what their experience will be, they'll not only gain confidence and independence but also learn about leadership and community.

Leader in Training (LIT): Entering Grades 10-11

Learn what great leaders do and say. The LIT program is spent developing skills essential to become a leader, building self-confidence, learning to work as a team, planning activities and enhancing kid skills. LIT's plan & deliver activities for kids, gain valuable hands-on experience shadowing camp staff, and develop a deep understanding of the inner workings of an overnight camp.  The program also makes time for camp fun like the climbing tower, swimming, campfires, and so much more. 

Each session is 2 weeks. Click HERE for more information about our LIT program.

Counselor in Training (CIT): Entering Grade 12

Our CIT program is a two-week overnight volunteering experience that helps transition enthusiastic campers to successful counselors. Teenagers in the CIT program participate in leadership workshops throughout the first week. During the second week, CIT's are placed in a cabin under the supervision of our most experienced staff. Our CIT's are provided with an evaluation and a letter verifying how many Community Service Hours were completed.

The CIT program is a competitive volunteer experience for those teens entering 12th grade and they must apply and interview for placement.

TO APPLY - Please complete and return the Application Form. Please note - There are a VERY limited number of openings for the CIT program each summer and acceptance into the program is not guaranteed. Click HERE for more information about our CIT program.

CIT Application