Small Group Pilates Reformer Classes

Pilates reformer classes are now available at our Downtown Berkeley and Pleasant Hill YMCA locations!

Pilates reformer is a full-body workout that focuses on stabilizing and gaining strength from your center outwards. Improve sports, martial arts, and dance performance by building core strength and greater body awareness. Pilates on the reformer is also beneficial for injury prevention and recovery. 

We offer three different levels of classes. Take a look at the descriptions below to find the best fit for you, and sign up today!

If you're looking for more individual coaching, we offer Pilates personal training sessions at Berkeley and Pleasant Hill. 

Class Levels

Level I Fundamentals: This class will give you a solid foundation of the fundamental Pilates reformer exercises.  This level is perfect for people new to Pilates, haven't done Pilates in a while, or just want to go deeper into the fundamentals of Pilates reformer.  This class is for all levels.

Tower Level I/II: Advanced Fundamentals: Try this lesser known but awesome Pilates equipment class with it's unique mixture of ways to increase full body strength, stability, and mobility. Prior reformer experience is required.

Level I/II Advanced Fundamentals: This class is for members who have the foundation of Pilates reformer fundamentals and looking for a more challenging class beyond our Level I offering. Prior reformer experience required.

Level II Intermediate: Up your Pilates practice by taking an intermediate reformer class. Intermediate classes offer expanded and more challenging Pilates repertoire in choreography and ability.  Must be relatively free of injuries and limitations.  Prior reformer experience required and must have permission from Katy Yates or Leslie Olsson.

Jump Board Level II - Intermediate: The Pilates Jump Board combines the resistance training of the reformer with cardio conditioning!  Jump to increase your heart rate while getting a full body strength workout.  This is class is for people who have Pilates reformer experience and have little to no injuries.  Must have healthy feet, knees, hips, and back. 

Still not sure of your level? Contact Leslie Olsson at and we'll figure it out together!

Downtown Berkeley Classes

We are offering specialty and 1-time classes to end 2023! Registration will open Monday, December 11th at 10am. Check out our offerings below!

Pilates Reformer Focused Classes // $40 per class

These classes are designed to help those concerned about their knees, back, hips, or shoulders & neck. Learn approaches to typical reformer exercises in a way that will help rehabilitate injuries and protect against (further) pain/injury. They are appropriate for anyone who has completed 3 or more Reformer classes.

Thursday, December 21st

Neck & Shoulders 9:30-10:45   Back 11am-12:15pm   Hips 12:30pm-1:45pm   Knees 2pm-3:15pm

Thursday December 28th

Neck & Shoulders 9:30-10:45   Back 11am-12:15pm   Hips 12:30pm-1:45pm   Knees 2pm-3:15pm


One Time Classes

Level I

Jumpboard Level I classes:

Jumpboard Level I/II classes:

Tower Level I/II

Level I/II

Pleasant Hill Classes

Our next series will be 4 weeks long running from November 27th-December 21st!  Registration will open Monday, November 13th at 9am. The cost is $100 for 4 classes. Here are the classes with direct links below!

Level I

Monday 4:30pm with Ramona   Monday 6:30pm with Ramona   Wednesday 9am with Richelle

Wednesday 10am with Richelle   Wednesday 5pm with Ramona   Wednesday 7pm with Ramona


Level I/II

Monday 10:30am with Richelle   Monday 5:30pm with Ramona   Tuesday 5pm with Leslie  

Wednesday 6pm with Ramona


Level II

Thursday 11am with Leslie


For questions about Downtown Berkeley's Pilates Reformer program, reach out to Katy Yates at

For questions about Pleasant Hill's Pilates Reformer program, reach out to Leslie Olsson