A Fitness Program to Become Your Healthiest Self!

Berkeley, Oakland, and Richmond Parkway branches provide a fitness coaching program with our app, Y Training ID. The Y Training ID program and app are free and included with your membership!

The ID stands for individual design, and that's exactly what we'll do together.

Here's how it works:

STEP 1: Getting Started

Sign up for a 60 minute initial consultation with one of our fitness coaches to discuss your goals and fitness habits. Berkeley  members can schedule their consultation appointment using the form at the bottom of the page or by calling our front desk at (510) 848-9622. Oakland and Richmond Parkway members should email Jocelyn Leche at  jleche@ymcaeastbay.org  to get started.

In this session your coach will offer you an optional 1-minute InBody Assessment. The in-body assessment is a non-invasive body composition test that tells us about your body fat percentage, muscle symmetry, hydration, efficiency of your metabolism and more!

STEP 2: Design Your Plan

fter learning about your goals, experience and assessment, your coach will build you a fitness program that will be accessible through our Y Training ID app!

All strength workouts will include our 6 foundational movement patterns: the squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull and core. Your coach will chose different variations of these movement patterns based on what they observed in your assessment.

Your coach will discuss daily activity levels, strength training, cardio, and other Y programs to help you develop a well-rounded fitness regimen and become the healthiest you!

Your individual workouts will be available to you on your phone, so whenever you visit the Y, you'll have your workout in hand, complete with videos and instructions.

STEP 3: Keep Up the Good Work!

After your initial fitness coach consultation, members have access to three one-on-one follow-up appointments per year. Work with your fitness coach to reevaluate your fitness level and set new achievable goals throughout the year! And don't forget to log your workouts in the app to track progress and stay accountable with the fitness staff here at the Y!

Get started today!

Get Started Today!

A day before your initial appointment, you’ll receive an email invitation from the Y to create your login credentials for the Y Training ID app. Please be sure to set up your account prior to meeting with your coach.

Set up your initial consultation:


Reach out to Senior Health and Fitness Director Katy Yates at kyates@ymcaeastbay.org.