Personal Training

Our nationally certified personal trainers will help you achieve and exceed your health and fitness goals. Whether it's weight loss, strength building, event training, or developing a healthier lifestyle, our trainers are here to support you. Read more about our program and fill out our inquiry form below to get started!

*Please note: Right now, due to COVID-19, we are only offering one-on-one personal training as availability allows.

What to Expect

Assessment: Your Certified Personal Trainer will assess the following: your exercise history, posture, goals , previous injuries and/or limitations.

Program Design: Based on your assessment, your Certified Personal Trainer will create a specialized program that compliments your lifestyle, interests, needs, schedule and goals.

Program Instruction: While emphasizing safety, proper form and technique, we will guide you through your specialized program so you’ll feel successful and supported. Here we’ll provide you with motivation and accountability every step of the way.

Re-assessment and Progression: Based on the progress made during your initial plan, your Certified Personal Trainer will develop a follow-up program to meet your new abilities, goals and needs.

    NEW! We're now offering Pilates 1-1 Training!

    Pilates is a system of exercises that was developed for Joseph Pilates.  It focuses on core (abdominal and hip) strength and stability, breath, body awareness, and posture while giving you a full-body strength workout.  Outdoor and Virtual Pilates privates are a great for newcomers to Pilates, experienced Pilates students who want to work on individual technique, or for students who have physical limitations that prevent them from taking regular classes.  Outdoor sessions will use the Pilates Exo Chair, and various props like the mat, stability ball, foam roller, mini-ball, and therabands.  Virtual sessions will use the mat and whatever props the member has at home. Only available virtually via zoom or at our Downtown Berkeley location.

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    Pricing & Packages

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