Teen & Adult Swimmers

Swimming is a lifelong skill and it's never too late to gain confidence in the water! Take a look at our session dates below, then choose your swimming level to sign up!

April Sessions

Registration opens March 1st at 12:00pm.


Monday/Wednesday, April 8 – May 1

Tuesday/Thursday, April 9 – May 2


May Sessions

Registration opens April 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, May 8 – May 29 (no class 5/27)

Tuesday/Thursday, May 9 – May 30

Saturday, May 4 – June 1 (no class 5/25) )


June Sessions

Registration opens May 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, June 3 – June 26 (no class 6/19)

Tuesday/Thursday, June 4 – June 27

Saturday, June 8 – June 29


Teen / Adult Beginner I

Level: Teen / Adult BEG. I, Age 13+

No prior swim experience required

Level objectives: Water acclimation, breath control, front and back floats, into to flutter kicks, intro front crawl

Teen / Adult Beginner II

Teen / Adult BEG. II, Age 13+

Prerequisites: Comfortable floating on front and back, submerging face and whole body, gliding on front and back, flutter kicking on front with kickboard, and swimming 5-10 feet of basic freestyle/front crawl.

Level objectives: Developing basic freestyle technique, including side breathing, and introducing the fundamentals of backstroke and treading water.