The Berkeley Y offers programs with supportive environments for children with special needs.

Special needs child playing with basketball.

Swim and Gym Inclusion Program

Includes Parent Support & Resource Group
Our inclusion program was created to encourage children to participate in a group instructional setting, offer time for inclusive play with others, and establish a supportive environment for parents. In this program, youth and parents spend 30 minutes in the pool with instructors, then transition to either inclusion time in our Child Watch room, or free play in our Kindergym. While children are engaged in inclusion time / free play, parents participate in a peer support discussion.
Special needs child painting with staff members.

Special Needs Kids Night Out

Enjoy a night out while your children play at the YMCA. Kids spend the evening engaged in fun, age-appropriate activities including: group games, arts & crafts, and Kindergym play, all with a 1:3 staff to child ratio. Dinner and healthy snacks are also provided. If your child needs more supervision because of behavior issues or health conditions, contact Tristin Pfeifer ( prior to registering. Siblings welcome to register.