Why join the Y

Affordable Childcare
Affordable Childcare
Drop-in child watch, low-cost licensed childcare, plus before and after school programming!
State of the art fitness equipment
State-of-the-art fitness equipment
High-quality fitness equipment at all of our branches!
Free Classes
Free Classes
Free fitness classes for all abilities and interests!
Nationwide access
Nationwide access
Visit other participating Y's all across the country at no additional cost!

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Visit your preferred branch and our Welcome Staff will give you a tour.
Financial assistance is available, so don't hesitate to ask!
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Membership Rates By Location

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One-time fee Monthly fee

Two Adults (ages 27+)

$75.00 $99.00

Adults (age 27+)

$75.00 $55.00

Young Adult (age 18-26)

$25.00 $34.00

Teen (age 13-17)

$25.00 $25.00

One Adult with Kids (age 0-12)

$75.00 $62.00

Two Adults with Kids (age 0-12)

$75.00 $114.00