Sign In & Out

Sign In: 8:00am - 9:00am

All campers must be signed in by a parent, guardian, or designated adult. Parent/guardians of children who do not appear on the roster, or who have a balance due, will be asked to resolve the registration issue before the child attends camp.

Sign Out: 4:00pm - 4:15 pm

Campers must be signed out of camp each day by a parent, guardian, or designated adult. For your child’s safety, campers will be released only to those adults appearing on the registration form under the “Child release authorization” section. Please be prepared to present a photo ID each day to ensure that we are releasing each camper to the authorized adult. We can add additional adults to your child’s form during the summer if need be.

*Important Notice: For safety and scheduling reasons, it is the policy of the YMCA not to allow parents to pick up or drop off children while programs are in transit or on field trips.

Sign Out: Middle School Campers

Parents/guardians of campers grades 6-8 can mark the box on the registration form allowing their child to sign him/herself in and out of camp each day. Please be aware that the YMCA is only responsible for the campers while they are signed in. The campers are responsible for themselves once signed out, and will be asked to leave the premises. Campers will not be allowed to sign themselves out without parental permission.

Late Pick-up

A late pickup fee of $1.00 for each minute will be charged after the designated pick up time (4:15pm or 6:00 pm). Any camper may be dropped from the program at the Director’s discretion if late pick up persists.

After Care

4:00pm - 6:00pm
$25 per camper per week (additional fee, registration required)

Registration and payment for after care is required at time of registration. Our aftercare program provides campers with light activities and free time in designated areas. Parents can pick up campers anytime during the after care hours at the camp sign in desk. Space is limited! In order to properly staff our program, we cannot take additional children on a daily basis.

Middle School After Care:

After care for middle school campers will be held at Washington Elementary School in combination with all of our other camps. Campers will be walked over to the school at 4:15pm and engage in activities there.

Camper Days

On Site Days

We are dedicated to providing an enriching experience on site. Each camp will spend 2-3 days a week on site rotating through enrichment activities and games, visiting local parks, and swimming at the Y! Our Voyager and Discovery campers receive swim lessons 2 days a week and one day of free swim, while our Explorer campers have 2 days of free swim.

Off Site Days

Camps will spend their offsite days on field trips around the Bay Area to regional parks, museums, and local fun centers. Our goal is to expose our campers to engaging, interactive, and fun places in the Bay Area. Though camp activities, trips, etc. may change without notice from time to time, we strive to replace it with a comparable activity. Weekly camp schedules will be available online and at the camp sign in table at least one week prior to each camp week.

What to Bring & Wear

Please bring a backpack that includes:

  1. A healthy lunch
  2. 2 large snacks
  3. Swimsuit (on designated swim days, goggles are optional)
  4. Water bottle
  5. Sunscreen and/or hat

Please wear:

  1. Closed toed athletic shoes
  2. Comfortable clothing that can get dirty!
  3. Jacket/sweatshirt
  4. YMCA T-shirt on field trip days

Please do not bring: money, electronic devices, headphones, trading cards, expensive clothing / jewelry, or toys from home. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items

Cell Phones: campers may not use cell phones, watch phones, or other similar devices during camp.

Label all belongings!

Swimming at Camp

Swimming at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA:

All campers have the opportunity to swim at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA facility pools. Our Voyager and Discovery Camps (grades K-3) receive swim lessons 2 days a week and 1 day of free swim. Our Explorer Camp (grades 4-5) receive free swim 2 days a week, and our Middle School Camp receives one day of free swim.

Swimming at Public Pools, Water Parks, and Beaches:

Throughout the summer, campers visit facilities where they engage in water activities. These locations provide lifeguards. On these days you will need to send a towel with your child. It is helpful if you send your child to camp in their swim suit (with a change of clothes in their backpack) on swim trip days. Dates for these trips will be indicated on the weekly camp calendars. While visiting water parks, campers are required to stay in swim groups with a camp leader.

Protocol & Behavior

Field Trip Protocol:

Field trips are included in all camp fees and are communicated in the weekly calendars provided online, at the camp sign-in desk, or at the YMCA Welcome Desk. On field trip days, PLEASE BE ON TIME! Late arrivals to camp will be required to find alternate care for the day. Campers may not be picked up or dropped off at the field trip site. Though field trips may change from time to time due to scheduling conflicts, we strive to replace it with a comparable trip.


Transportation is provided by AC Transit, BART and chartered buses.

Camper Behavior:

All camp staff is trained in youth development strategies and positive redirection techniques based on our YMCA character values. In the event of a behavioral problem, written reports will be completed and conversations will be held with the parents to try to resolve the issue. The YMCA reserves the right to contact a parent/guardian at any time for immediate pick-up from camp if necessary. The YMCA may remove any camper from the program at the Director’s discretion if problematic behavior continues.

Medications, Special Needs, and Emergencies


If your child needs to take medication while at camp, please fill out a medication form located here. Please be advised that medication must be in a labeled container with the child’s name, for non-prescriptions the medication must be accompanied by written authorization from your child's doctor that states the dosage of medication, and frequency of administration. Medication brought in baggies, envelopes etc will not be accepted.

Special Needs:

If your child has any special needs, please inform the Youth Program Director, Kylie Crandall at the time of registration. If the YMCA cannot serve your child due to a lack of expertise or resources, we will try to recommend an alternate summer program. On occasion, the Regional Center of the East Bay can reimburse the cost of a camp aide. If you are interested in trying to arrange this, please contact us by April 15.


If your child starts to feel ill at camp, staff will contact you to come pick-up your child. Injuries will be promptly communicated once proper First Aid is administered. A parent/guardian will be contacted immediately for any severe injuries requiring professional medical attention. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, medical treatment will be sought under advisement of the Director.

If your child is ill and cannot attend camp, please call (510) 665-3271 or email and leave a message stating your child's name, camp, and date of absence. No refunds are provided for missed days due to illness.

Emergency Procedures:

Each Head Camp Leader carries a cell phone for emergencies. In the event of an emergency that requires medical attention, 911 will be contacted and the camper will be taken to the nearest medical facility. The parent or guardian will be notified immediately. In the event of a natural disaster, campers will continue to be in the care of the YMCA until arrangements are made to return children to their parents/guardians.


We strive to hire an enthusiastic staff team to provide a safe, active and enjoyable program for all involved. Staff are trained in small group management and safety, how to lead group games and activities, conflict resolution, as well as in CPR/First Aid & Child Abuse Prevention.