Spare your joints and get an impactful cardiovascular workout by lap swimming!

Whether you are a Masters level swimmer, or slow and steady, our pool is perfect for your lap swimming needs.

We also provide equipment to help vary the challenge and make lap swimming more enjoyable. Kickboards, for example, allow you to swim using only your legs, which builds leg strength and focuses attention on your kick. Alternatively, pull buoys immobilize your legs during the stroke, allowing your arms to be fully engaged. Our certified lifeguards are always on hand to assist you with locating available equipment.

To help maintain a safe and nurturing environment, we encourage lane sharing and circle swimming if more than one person is using a lane. This will create a good flow and allow you to have your own space for clean strokes.

Be sure to check the schedule for lap swim times and lane availability. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Contact Information:
Deedee Lundberg
Aquatics Director
(510) 665-3257