Personal Training

Our nationally certified personal trainers will help you achieve and exceed your health and fitness goals. Whether it's weight loss, strength building, event training, or developing a healthier lifestyle, our trainers are here to support you. Read more about our program and fill out our inquiry form below to get started!

What to Expect

Assessment: Your Certified Personal Trainer will assess the following: your exercise history, posture, goals , previous injuries and/or limitations.

Program Design: Based on your assessment, your Certified Personal Trainer will create a specialized program that compliments your lifestyle, interests, needs, schedule and goals.

Program Instruction: While emphasizing safety, proper form and technique, we will guide you through your specialized program so you’ll feel successful and supported. Here we’ll provide you with motivation and accountability every step of the way.

Re-assessment and Progression: Based on the progress made during your initial plan, your Certified Personal Trainer will develop a follow-up program to meet your new abilities, goals and needs.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress with an InBody assessment! Utilizing our InBody 570, we can analyze your body fat percentage with 98% accuracy which is a better measure of health than BMI (Body Mass Index). Our InBody machine can also show distribution of fat throughout the body and informs you of muscle mass increases or any muscle imbalances. InBody assessments are included in ALL personal training packages ($35 value).

    Pricing & Packages

    2 Sessions / 1 InBody Assessment $135 ($67.50 per sessions)
    4 Sessions / 1 InBody Assessment $254 ($63.50 per sessions)
    8 Sessions / 2 InBody Assessments $500 ($62.50 per sessions)
    10 Sessions / 2 InBody Assessments $600 ($60 per session)

    Intro to Personal Training Package

    Three 30 minutes sessions for $99.
    *First time Personal Training purchasers only. Limit 1 package per person.

    Personal Training for Two

    The Downtown Berkeley YMCA offers the option of sharing your personal training session with a friend, spouse, or partner. Two people can train with a Personal Trainer, allowing the specialized programming and feedback of a one-on-one session but at a reduced cost per participant. Participants should be at a similar training and fitness level.

    Please note: You must be an Adult or Teen Full Service member at the Downtown Berkeley YMCA in order to be eligible for personal training sessions.

    2 Sessions $170 ($85 per person, $42.50 per session)
    4 Sessions $330 ($82.50 per person, $41.75 per session)


    To get started, or to learn more about our Personal Training services, please fill out the interest form below and one of our training experts will be in touch shortly!

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