Y Achievers

The Albany Y-Achievers program is an academic and homework support afterschool program for middle school students age 11-14.

Our mission is to promote academic enrichment by creating a positive learning environment so students of all skills and abilities can thrive.

Our goals are to provide academic and emotional support to all students and families by creating a structured framework to:

  • Promote personal accountability in regards to regular homework completion
  • Establish a love for learning by helping students overcome impediments to learning
  • Create a sense of community and shared responsibility between students, school staff, Albany Y-Achievers staff and family

Albany Y-Achievers staff and tutors provide assistance with homework and monitor students’ academic progress using the Aeries online grade book as well as regular communication with teachers. In addition, staff teach important academic skills, including time management, test preparation and organization. Snack and social time are provided daily.


WHEN: Monday – Friday, school dismissal until 6:00 pm

WHERE: Albany Middle School, 1259 Brighton Avenue, Albany

NOW ENROLLING for Fall 2019! 

Registration forms available at 921 Kains avenue. (Forms not available online).

Y-Achievers Parent Handbook 2019-2020

Y-Achievers Flyer 2019-2020


Albany Delegation - Model United Nations (Grades 6-8)

The Model United Nations program is a simulation of the United Nations that gives middle school students an opportunity to learn about the world around them through leadership skill building and cultural awareness. Our goal is to enhance student’s public speaking know-how while learning about current affairs, politics, economics and diplomacy.

Participants will meet for weekly delegation meetings starting in October and have the chance to attend two statewide conferences. There, they will give speeches, debate international issues, participate in committees, make new friends and attend statewide social events!

Important Documents: 

2019-20 Information Packet

2019-20 Registration Packet

2019-20 Financial Assistance Scholarship Hybrid Form

Albany Delegation - Model Legislature & Court (9-12)

The Model Legislature & Court program provides high school students the opportunity to experience democracy in action and to find their voice while fostering a strong sense of civic responsibility.

Weekly delegation meetings consist of legislation creation, understanding the ins and outs of the state legislature and court systems, philanthropic events, and service-learning projects. Through interactive civic engagement, students will further understand and appreciate the California state government.

Program runs from late August until late February. Delegations meet weekly and travel to three conferences per school year.

Meeting times and locations for both programs will be decided at the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

Important Documents:

2019-20 Information Packet

2019-20 Registration Packet

2019-20 Financial Assistance Scholarship Hybrid Form

For more information about California YMCA Youth and Government, visit their website https://calymca.org/

And to learn more about the Albany delegations, contact Teen Director Sebastian de la Rosa.